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Life Skills



“The Minnie Lee Brown Literacy Project”

Minnie Lee Brown (Ma’Dear) has always been a leader and her examples of educational progress is a way to lead our lives as we continue to conquer what life lies ahead. Minnie Lee Brown believed as long as you use your intelligence and brain power you can conquer the world . She gave so much love to her students and she cared for each child, as if they were all “A+ Scholars” and we could not ask for more.

Minnie Lee Brown (Ma’Dear) attended Stanton High School, Florida Memorial College and Florida A&M University Graduate School where she received her Master of Education Degree in 1967. She was employed by the Jacksonville School District for more than 38 years. She was a very spiritual and soft-spoken woman that never forced her beliefs in God on you, but through the tone of her voice, her kindness, her patience, her tolerance, her smile, and most of all her wisdom, she unknowingly touched the hearts and lives of many.
I am honored to say Minnie Lee Brown is my Grandmother and although she is Resting in Peace, DEM KIDZ INC will strive to ensure our youth have the tools, skills, and resources needed to pursue greatness and reach their full potential, regardless of their zip code, background, or ethnicity. We remain committed to giving youth the opportunity to feel safe, heard, empowered and to know they have a voice. Through Minnie Lee Brown’s Literacy Project we encourage students to stand up for what is right. As an organization, DEM KIDZ INC is built on love, compassion, and service for every youth we have the privilege of serving. Now more than ever, that commitment from DEM KIDZ INC continues.
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Scholarship awards one per school quarter.
Requirements will be available January 2022

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Devoting time to our youth, pre-teens and young adults that deserve to be productive citizens and make their community an enhanced place for them and future generations. Our methods of change for these youth are through a positive behavior modification, using a holistic approach to accomplish greatness.


DEM KIDZ Inc was created to provide alternative methods to our youth; our vision is to always strive to turn a negative situation into a positive introduction for life. Mistakes do not define your entire life.

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Empowering Youth

DEM KIDZ INC A Nonprofit 501(c)(3) Organization is a Mentor and Tutoring Service which assists our youth in being productive and positive citizens. All youth are welcomed to our mentor and tutoring services, with an emphasis on Mentorship. Our youth today are often faced with difficulties in their schools, neighborhoods, and everyday living arrangements. DEM KIDZ INC believes in a fair and equal system for all of our youth. Every youth has the right to dignity and assistance from experienced personnel, that is willing to dedicate the qualities of wisdom, knowledge, and time. DEM KIDZ INC pledges to give all of our youth opportunities to succeed.

DEM KIDZ INC division of juvenile justice equality often uses a juvenile diversion program model of intervention strategies that redirect youth away from non-favorable attitudes, behaviors, and formal processing in the juvenile justice system, while still holding them accountable for their actions.

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DEM KIDZ INC specializing in Mentoring, Tutoring, Advocacy, Life Skills for our youth 13 -21 years of age.




What Client Say


Some valued reviews from our clients.

“I am happy for what they are doing for our youth. They have quite extensive plans to offer.
– Jess N.

“I was very concerned towards my son for his growth and vision of life, he’s now doing very well. “

– Ginter K.

“My daughter was 17 in the 11th grade and failed most of her classes, after mentoring with Ms. Tammy, approximately 6 months, my daughter changed her goals, she helped more with chores around our home and our relationship was better. My daughter was told she would not graduate until she was 21 due to missing credits at her high school. My daughter kept pushing with Ms. Tammy’s guidance and encouragement. My daughter received her GED and enrolled in our local community college; she accomplished this goal by the age of 18. I am a proud mother, thank you Ms. Tammy “

– Kathy S.

“DEM KIDZ INC. provides youth development using a unique holistic approach helping young people in the community focus on positive behavior. The program participates in food drives to feed the hungry, they host school supply giveaways throughout the year to ensure our children are equipped with the supplies needed to be successful in school. “

– Yvonne B.

“My son was in some minor trouble, but enough for him to end up in Teen Court. Ms. Tammy, coached my son and genuinely cared about him. Ms. Tammy assisted my son in being a productive citizen. Ms. Tammy explained to my son on several occasions “One mistake does not define your life”. I was also very impressed that Ms. Tammy spoke with son about recidivism I heard my son say, “I don’t want to be like that.” I am happy my son was mentored and tutored by Ms. Tammy “

– Mr. Franklin

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